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Caritas Schweiz

Caritas Schweiz, Caritas-Bergeinsatz, Caritas Care
Relaunch of www.caritas.ch, www.bergeinsatz.ch, www.caritascare.ch
Project Management, Design, Technical Architecture

Caritas Schweiz is a charitable organisation committed to preventing and fighting poverty in Switzerland and worldwide in around 20 countries. As well as providing emergency relief in disasters, their work encompasses a vast range of socially essential areas such as support for those on a low income or seeking asylum. 

Caritas-Bergeinsatz is dedicated to supporting the mountain farming community. The goal of the organisation is to connect farmers with volunteers who can ease the workload of farmers during busy periods or emergencies. The scheme is very often vital for the farming community to ensure the farm remains operational, even during times of extreme pressure.

Caritas Care specifically focuses on support for the elderly to provide them with the care they need in their later years, while at the same time retaining their independence. Additionally, Caritas Care provides wages for relatives who act as caregivers and dedicate their time to care.

  • Holistic relaunch of the www.caritas.ch, www.bergeinsatz.ch, www.caritascare.ch websites
  • Use of open-source technologies
  • Delivery of fresh concepts and design across all three websites
  • Technical SEO set-up
  • Delivery of a tailored portal solution that provides the editorial and structural basis for all Caritas communications strategy
  • Development of a durable, reliable and performant technical platform with easy handling
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  • UX: User Research, User Journey Mapping
  • Information architecture and content accessibility concept in close collaboration with Caritas Schweiz        
  • User Interface Design Development
  • Implementation of a component-based design-system
  • Concept and implementation of a flexible content hub
  • State-of-the-art setup based on Drupal 9, decoupled with a ReactJS and Gatsby frontend
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  • Extensive and flexible editorial toolkit
  • Multi-site solution: one Content Management System (CMS) for all three sites
  • Long-term maintenance strategy
  • Integration of a robust and flexible donation module to support fundraising
  • Complete relaunch of the Bergeinsatz booking tool for volunteers with a newly introduced login option and simplified booking workflows
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