responsAbility Website Launch

As leading impact asset manager with an 18-year track record, responsAbility manages USD 3.5 bn of assets invested in over 300 ESG-managed high-impact companies across 76 emerging economies.

The Challenge

responsAbility was looking for a partner to redesign and relaunch their product and corporate website. The existing platform didn’t fully tell the story about who the brand is and what it does, the user experience had usability challenges and the products were difficult to access. Content was recognised as a key driver to responsAbility’s digital marketing success, and needed a new approach to support the communication and marketing strategy. The CMS in use was also no longer fulfilling the requirements in terms of editor experience, handling and performance.

With an international perspective that combines innovation, creativity, and mastery of technology, the Amazee Labs Team were not only brilliant partners to work with, they truly materialized what we could only imagine.

- Stacy Fiehler, Head of Marketing & Communications, responsAbility Investments AG

The Solution

In close cooperation with responsAbility, our team at Amazee Labs worked to conceptualise, design, and develop an all-inclusive corporate and product website.

In the initial stages, we focused on getting industry and business insights, and developing a concept built using the results of various explorations. Through insights and solutions discovered in UX workshops, we focused on identifying the client’s needs, as well as strategic objectives to get those needs met.

We followed a content-first approach to make sure the website would meet their marketing and communication goals. We also made sure that the website’s content was strategically structured and defined according to user persona needs and marketing goals. Based on that model, we designed wireframes, created working prototypes, and finally designed a contemporary and dynamic UI design. on mobile on mobile on mobile

Equipped with a visual design that developed and integrated the brand, we continued the development of the website, using lightning-fast Gatsby for the frontend and Contentful CMS for the backend. We prototyped website features in close collaboration with responsAbility, making sure that the functional and business requirements were met before iteratively improving them into their final form. This gave them more control on how features turned out, avoided any “grand reveals” at the end of the project, and kept everyone on the same page.

responsAbility had introduced a new reporting system and CRM (Adobe Marketo), both of which needed to be integrated into the website. We ensured the website only relied on their existing internal reporting processes to display the correct fund data and publications, which made their internal workflows more efficient, reduced the number of people accessing the CMS, and avoided any data entry errors. After this, Google Tag Manager and Analytics were set up to track all the correct data based on the defined KPIs.

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