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The Nuklearforum Switzerland is committed to the peaceful use and further development of nuclear energy in Switzerland. They provide information on the latest innovations and developments in nuclear energy worldwide and make this information available to specialists in education, business and administration, politicians at federal, cantonal and communal level, the specialist media and the general public, as well as to all interested parties.

Website Nuklearforum Schweiz
Website Nuklearforum Schweiz

The Challenge

  • Development of a flexible portal solution that would form the editorial and structural basis for the implementation of Nuklearforum’s communications strategy
  • Development of a durable, reliable and performant technical platform with easy handling
  • Increases in access figures through content reorientation and high visibility in search engines for relevant topics and keywords
  • Adaptation of the visual design (UI, content) to an updated corporate design
  • Upgrade to a state of the art technical platform from Drupal 7
Mobile Website Nuklearforum Schweiz
Mobile Website Nuklearforum Schweiz

Our Work & Solution

  • User interviews, user research
  • Optimisation of content structure and user guidance along the content journey – establishing a modern, flexible content hub approach for both news-driven and research-driven users
  • Development of a contemporary user experience with the website as the central hub of the user journey
  • Development of a design concept in line with the new corporate design
  • New development based on Drupal 9, decoupled with a ReactJS & Gatsby front end
  • Integration of a performant search based on Algolia
  • Automation of the newsletter workflows

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