Automotive Brand: Global Content Management

As an award-winning digital solutions agency, we work with companies of all different sizes and across diverse markets who are facing unique challenges with their websites. In this case study, we illustrate how the Amazee Labs Design Team combined our cutting-edge technical knowledge and creative expertise to provide our client with a comprehensive and global digital solution, a solution that ultimately saw us awarded their Daimler Supplier Award in the category 'Inspiration'.

The Challenge

With 27 different markets in which smart cars are sold, our client needed a single digital touchpoint on the web to standardise website appearance, content and brand interpretation; while also introducing the company's focus on their new electric car models.

The new design was to place the customer at the center of communication, data would be the basis of every decision, and content was to be personalised. This necessitated a new CMS where the central content was maintained at the company's headquarters, and capable of subsequent delivery to the market. Central and remote content needed to exist co-jointly in the markets, so they could change the centrally distributed content at any time, with a seamless and intuitive process at hand to again merge local and central content.

Smart Car

The Brief

Amazee Labs was briefed to develop the CMS to build a new global website and a SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) was adopted to best handle its requirements. Next to providing the CMS core functionality – like structured content editing processes, structured templates and market support – a more specific focus was set on extending Drupal to perfectly meet their business needs. In particular, a well-structured and easy-to-use content delivery process was key.

The use of Drupal was specifically requested by our client because of its flexibility and enterprise-level feature set, and for the strength of its community and our active relationship within it. Drupal is a highly advanced content management framework that can, when in the right hands, adapt to any kind of business need or workflow model. When it comes to navigating this vast ecosystem, it does help to be one of its long-time contributors.


The Solution

We are proud to share that our solution led to Amazee Labs winning the Daimler Supplier Award for developing their new content management system and global website.

We developed a completely new WYSIWYG editor user interface, making it easier for editors to create flexible page structures while being guided by modular templates and prescribed corporate design policies. We built the main architecture using a headless Drupal setup so content could be shared using GraphQL.

We developed new Drupal features to facilitate content delivery from the central workspace to local market workspaces, providing tools to merge the content after new updates are made.

The new data structure allows for the better overall performance of the Drupal ecosystem, even in a multi-domain and page setup. We were able to set new standards in mapping internationalisation processes thereby turning a former challenge of Drupal into a major advantage.

What we did in the project

  • Process and requirement analysis
  • Project management
  • Product ownership
  • Technology and process consulting on program level
  • Technical architecture
  • Technical implementation
  • Automated testing
  • DevOps
  • Documentation and learning resources
  • Learning sessions for users

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