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Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies
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Harte Research Institute (HRI) is dedicated to advancing the long-term sustainable use and conservation of the Gulf of Mexico. Its vision for an ecologically and economically sustainable Gulf is one passionately shared by senior leadership, research staff, and students alike.

The Challenge
The Challenge

HRI approached Amazee Labs with an ageing website, one that no longer met its needs as an organization. Convoluted architecture made it very difficult for users to find information, rendering the site an ineffective communication tool. Researchers were discouraged from publishing new content, knowing it would be buried and likely go unrecognized. In general, the site looked old and tired, inconsistent with an academic institution on the rise and seeking young talent.

With these problems in mind, and with the goal of building a long-term solution, Amazee Labs redesigned and re-architected Harte’s online platform.

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The Brief
The Brief

Unique to HRI is the Harte Model, a multidisciplinary way of working that integrates science with expertise in economics, policy, and sociology. The improved information architecture is designed to visualize the Harte Model by showcasing departments, their projects, and the work they do together.

The How
The Solution 
The Solution 

Directory pages allow users to intuitively find content by narrowing search results with filters. Directory pages include Our Work, News, Events, People, and Resources. This content is also fed to department landing pages and collaboration pages using taxonomy terms. There is no single point of entry and no dead ends when exploring content.

We’re glad we came to Amazee with this project and have received positive feedback internally and from like institutions about our new site. Thanks Amazee!

Nikki Buskey, Communications Manager, Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies

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