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How we get it done
How we get it done

Classic project management methodologies lack flexibility, which leads to additional costs for changing requirements. In order to achieve the best results for our customers, Amazee Labs applies a widely-used lean and agile development methodology called Scrum. This ensures our processes for software development and solution delivery are iterative, transparent, and flexible, with an emphasis on client involvement.

Customers appoint a Client-side Product Owner who becomes our main point of contact for guiding project priorities and decisions. Working together in an agile way allows us to respond to changes in requirements and priorities quickly as they evolve throughout the project. Our teams work closely together in every stage of project development, deployment, maintenance, and continuity. 
Our Global Maintenance team uses Kanban to continuously review and adapt their processes for hundreds of client properties simultaneously. This guarantees that our support and maintenance teams can meet evolving client needs around the clock. 

These agile approaches provide us with a flexible and inclusive project framework that builds trust on all levels. Our teams work closely together with clients in every stage of project development, deployment, maintenance, and continuity.

How we get it done

Client benefits to an agile approach include:

  • Higher product quality
  • Higher customer satisfaction 
  • Fewer risks
  • Faster Return on Investment
  • Increased team efficiency 
  • Transparency and cost control
  • Project adaptability 
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Kicking off a project

When starting a project, the first thing we do is define a project vision. This vision includes rough feature specifications, broken down into a roadmap. Based on the functionality the client envisions, our team uses this roadmap to assess the project progress, and align them with overall objectives and budget.

The Amazee Labs Project Manager works with the client’s Project Owner to break down the roadmap into development sprints. By slicing a large project into smaller tasks, we are able to manage complexity while enabling the team to work out the details of the current tasks while maintaining an abstract overview. A sprint includes all the activities needed to deliver the elements of the project, both functional and nonfunctional.

Being agile allows us to uphold our company values of openness, transparency, positivity, drive,  and creativity.

Project Specs

Project specifications are established as an iterative ongoing process. We encourage the client Product Owner to keep in direct contact with members of the project team so that relevant information is shared openly, and we can address issues quickly and efficiently as they arise.

Throughout the project, we continually discuss the estimated and actual scope and prioritisation. This process allows us to focus on the necessary functionality and change or omit features before they cause unnecessary costs. We make it our mission to inform our client about the time we spend on their projects as they evolve including the budget usage and timelines.


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