We’re proud to be a diverse, global team united by values including openness, positivity, and drive that stems from our founders. No matter how much our teams grow, we still feel like family.

  • Gesche Wirch

    Gesche Wirch


  • Mattia Simonato

    Mattia Simonato

    Lead Frontend Developer

  • Vasi Chindris

    Vasi Chindris

    Senior Developer

  • Isabel Racine

    Isabel Racine

    Lead Project Manager

  • Tish Pickover

    Tish Pickover

    Senior UI Designer

  • Thomas Schröpfer

    Thomas Schröpfer


  • Sonja Geier

    Sonja Geier

    Project Manager

  • Dimitris Spachos

    Dimitris Spachos

    Senior Developer

  • Christian Hohn

    Christian Hohn

    Experience Design Lead

  • Alex Tkachev

    Alex Tkachev

    Senior Developer

  • Philipp Melab

    Philipp Melab

    Lead Engineer

  • Christophe Jossart

    Christophe Jossart


  • Nick O'Sullivan

    Nick O'Sullivan


  • Sharna Petersen

    Sharna Petersen

    Financial Administrator

  • Gareth McWilliams

    Gareth McWilliams

    Senior Project Manager

  • Mustapha Ben Ellafi

    Mustapha Ben Ellafi


  • Callum Foulkes

    Callum Foulkes

    IT Systems Administrator

  • Dania Gerhardt

    Dania Gerhardt

    Founder, CFO

  • Gregory Gerhardt

    Gregory Gerhardt

    Founder, Chairman

  • Zsófia Gugán

    Zsófia Gugán

    Senior Project Manager & Accessibility Lead

  • Daniel Lemon

    Daniel Lemon

    Developer, Team Lead

  • Belinda Ollewagen

    Belinda Ollewagen

    Senior Marketing & Operations Lead

  • Ricardo Luchsinger

    Ricardo Luchsinger

    Client Engagement Manager

  • Joëlle Symons

    Joëlle Symons


  • Eli Stone

    Eli Stone

    Developer, Team Lead

  • Barbara Buckley

    Barbara Buckley

    Operations and Marketing Project Manager

  • Hager Eldakroury

    Hager Eldakroury

    Frontend Developer

  • Luqmaan Essop

    Luqmaan Essop


  • Ioana Pirvu

    Ioana Pirvu

    Project Manager