History and Heritage
Since 2005.

A diverse group of global experts

A diverse group of global experts

Founded in Zurich, Switzerland, Amazee Labs has since expanded to Cape Town, South Africa, Austin, Texas and London, England. Our offices now physically reside on two continents, so our reach is global.

History and heritage
An Amazee beginning

Amazee Labs evolved from a product mission that started in 2007 in Zurich. The founding team, led by Gregory and Dania Gerhardt, aimed to build a public collaboration platform centred around political and social missions. Challenges in monetising the product led to a new business model and the Amazee team as we know it emerged. A team that was battle-proven, dedicated, and hungry, with the skill-set needed to build and deliver beautiful, complex projects to businesses all around the world.

To be the best

Today, we can look back on our eleventh profitable year as Amazee Labs and the birth of two successful sister companies: amazee.io and Amazee Metrics. Although it wasn’t an easy journey, we know it was one well worth the effort.

As we grow, we aim to build on this success as we further establish ourselves as one of the world’s top open source web application providers.

The beginning

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