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Bringing a smile back to life for your patient, for a lifetime. Nobel Biocare helps professionals enable treatment for every situation. From straightforward single-tooth restorations to life-changing edentulous solutions – Noble Biocare innovates for what really matters: an easy, transparent process,  shorter time-to-teeth, aesthetic beauty, and positive long-term outcomes for every patient.

The Challenge
The Challenge

The former Nobel Biocare corporate website was set up using an enterprise CMS solution. In 2018, the company decided to extend its current infrastructure setup by building its new website on Drupal 8. The most important factors for the client were improving the editor experience for their content managers and the ability to copy and inherit content between their international markets.

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The Brief
The Brief

The goal was to build and launch a corporate website from start to finish, changing the CMS from Adobe CQ5 to Drupal 8, implement new and improved features, with a complete redesign. 

To ensure the requirements were met, we built a custom solution using the CK5 Editor, workspaces, and content moderation modules. At the time these were new features in Drupal core. Because the project had a set delivery date of June 2019, we managed to create and launch this project before the modules were officially part of Drupal core. This ensured a successful on-time delivery using the innovative application of brand new features.

The brief
The Solution
The Solution

The provided solution by Amazee Labs was to use the new workspace core integration which would allow for systematic and easy content delivery. 
To improve the content-management usability for internal stakeholders, Amazee Labs implemented the CK5 editor with customized sections. The result is an outstanding, best-in-class editor experience to modify content on any of the client’s various pages. Because of the implementation of content moderation, easy content modification became possible for the company team members in charge. 

Nobel Biocare’s has seven different markets and 13 different languages that all needed to be able to inherit and exchange content. To achieve the goal of developing a website allowing for multi-market and multilingual setup, Amazee Labs used the new workspace core integration to enable easy and systematic content delivery across all web properties and in different languages.

The design that achieved the new look and feel was provided by a third party agency called Mangos, but Amazee Labs ensured a smooth integration of the UX / UI with the technical requirements of the web development project. 

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  • Incorporated new design and developed a new corporate website on Drupal 8 
  • Offered a website solution for a global company operating both in different markets in different languages. 
  • Enabled seamless content inheritance  
  • Improved editor experience for the internal content management team 
  • Fully compliant with medical law and industry standards, including built-in content approval systems.
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