Welcome to the team, Christian!

Welcome to the team, Christian Hohn!

Christian found his passion for design through an apprenticeship as a media designer in classical design. Back then, the web was still in experimental mode. This allowed Christian the freedom to explore that space. It didn’t take him long to realise – this was a medium where he could rally his talents and interests by combining text and images with sound and video to determine how websites should look and work. This brought him to an agency where he met Amazee’s Thomas Schröpfer. Together, over the next 8 years, they were able to realise many exciting projects. And finally, Thomas brought Christian to Amazee Labs. Once again a perfect match.

Beyond the skills necessary for designing with colours, shapes, and typography, he ultimately believes in the importance of empathy in design, and the ability to imagine oneself in other people's shoes when they interact with a product or website. This is an absolutely necessary skill to create user-centric interfaces.

He’s looking forward to joining the team and getting to know the different people, their perspectives and to create great things with collaboration and open mutual exchange.

To unwind, Christian loves to play with his two boys and spending his time out in the fresh air. When there is enough time, he likes going to the lake in summer for some rounds on his wakeboard. At home, he likes building beats on the computer, playing his electric bass and honing his skills in mixing sound.

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