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Rotary International (RI) is a worldwide organization of business and professional people who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

Rotary International manages the online presence and back-office systems supporting The Rotary Foundation's donation collection and processing.

About this project

Previously, making donations to the Rotary Foundation took place through a frustratingly slow and inefficient multi-page system. When donors visited a Rotary project page, they were redirected to a different website, which was not the best user experience. Donors also struggled to select the appropriate fund among Rotary’s many possible donation avenues, even when directed there from a campaign-specific site.



Rotary’s new donation workflow had two main goals -- make the donation process faster, with fewer clicks and fewer steps and allow the donor to contribute to a campaign from any Rotary campaign site.

The widget needed to integrate with Rotary’s many internal processes (finance, membership, fundraising) which would dynamically feed the widget data (exchange rates, member access, and fund IDs) based on the user’s access level or selections and then return that donation information to the different systems.

The donation app also needed to be easily customisable by Rotary’s content editors, allowing editors and campaign managers to spin up and publish new, custom donation widgets. React provided the progressive decoupling functionality needed to integrate all the different API endpoints and the frontend functionality needed for the interactive styling, all while the existing Drupal backend works quietly away beneath the surface.



Rotary International’s new online donation platform provides a robust, customizable donation experience that is elegant, dynamic, responsive, and most importantly, easy to use. Online donations and donor satisfaction has never been higher.

Editors can create new, custom donation widgets on different Rotary web properties. Donors can guide their own donation experience by selecting different options along the donation flow and see only features and functionality related to the donor path they’ve chosen. They can give a one time gift or a recurring (annual, quarterly, or monthly) donation, gift on behalf of a club or other members, in honor or memorial of someone, and in any number of currencies.

Our UX/Design team designed and user-tested new workflows that were simpler for Rotary’s older demographic to easily navigate. The design itself is light and simple, hiding a complex workflow of interactive and feature-filled donation flows.


The new user experience is FANTASTIC! Instant notification to donor and honoree, ability to customize and personalize the ecard, I love it!  Congratulations to all involved. This [platform] was a long time coming and the team absolutely nailed it!

Brian King, Director of Membership Development

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