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Nagra, Nationale Genossenschaft für die Lagerung radioaktiver Abfälle
Relaunch of
Project Management, Design, Technical Architecture

The National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra), based in Wettingen, Switzerland, is responsible for the development and implementation of safe and sustainable long-term solutions for the disposal of radioactive waste in Switzerland. With its website, Nagra aims to fulfil its mandate to provide the Swiss population with timely, comprehensive and transparent information about its work and, in particular, its current search for a safe deep geological repository..

  • Holistic relaunch of the website
  • The website should transparently communicate Nagra's mission in terms of Switzerland's project of the century
  • The user experience of the various target groups was to be improved through better presentation of the content and optimised user navigation within the website
  • Implementation of a new, powerful CMS (open source)
  • Capturing, editing as well as publishing content had to be massively simplified for content editors
  • Consideration of Google Analytics and SEO 


Nagra Logo
  • UX: User Research, User Journey Mapping
  • Information architecture and content accessibility concept
  • User Interface Design
  • Visual concept and imagery, photo shooting
  • Development of a revised visual branding for Digital
  • Implementation of a decoupled website based on Drupal, ReactJS and Gatsby
  • Implementation of a performant publication search
  • Integration of SOLR search
  • Concept and implementation of a flexible content hub


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  • User retention increased by +8.5%

  • Users engage with pages 33% more than before the relaunch

  • Pages load at least 2x faster when measured after the relaunch

  • Mobile usage increased by 6.8% due to an optimised mobile user experience

  • Search engine traffic remained stable after the relaunch and in the following months increased by 1.5% over the level before the relaunch

Nagra Desktop Screenshot
Nagra Mobile Screenshot
Nagra Desktop Screenshot
Nagra Mobile Screenshot

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