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Case Study

Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies
Rebranding & Platform Relaunch
Research, Content Strategy, Information Architecture, UX/UI, Development

One Ecosystem. Connecting the World.

From inland watersheds to our coastal communities to the deep ocean, human well-being is tightly connected to our natural environment. BlueValue illuminates the importance that we place on these ecosystems — their value — by sharing the latest science and information.

The Challenge
The Challenge

Our challenge was being able to make the brand’s extensive amount of content accessible and beautiful in order to reinforce the significance of BlueValue’s valuable messaging. The previous website was very difficult to navigate, with a large amount of distributed content. The data was stored in Excel spreadsheets and hosted on a local custom server, which made it difficult for the content editors to update without technical assistance.

Blue Value Logo
The Brief
The Brief

BlueValue was looking to rebrand and they needed a contemporary new logo design along with an updated look-and-feel for their website. Knowing that users found it difficult to navigate, they also wanted to assess their brand and restyle the usability of their database. New search functionality was developed, allowing the broad database to be accessed and filtered in a quick and easy way. To show the benefits of ecosystem services, an infographic was created of the hydrological cycle, adding a high level of both design and functionally to the site.

The Brief
The Solution
The Solution

Amazee Labs worked to reposition the brand, giving it an updated and approachable corporate identity. With this new creative direction, we were able to bring the website into the competitive online space by designing a fresh and contemporary look-and-feel. The updated website uses dynamic imagery along with compact visual messaging to enhance the overall visual experience. The user experience was further improved by refining the content and arranging it in a clear, accessible way. Behind the scenes, the large database has been structured in a way that allows users to access it effortlessly across all devices. The overall messaging of the brand has been refined, helping the website to feel more approachable and accessible.

Initially, we looked at using a Drupal CMS solution, which would have included continuous data migration. After taking a closer look at the sources of the current dataset (spreadsheets based), we decided on a different decoupled lightweight backend API and frontend solution using Gatsby and Google Sheets.

Blue Value Desktop
Blue Value Mobile
  • Designed a new, modern logo and updated the style guide 
  • Created a fresh and contemporary website with a dynamic look-and-feel
  • Redesigned the extensive database in Google Sheets to increase accessibility and usability through fast and intuitive filtering
  • Used a combination of Gatsby.js (React and GraphQL) to develop the custom site to work seamlessly with the new database 
  • Created an infographic, visually showcasing the benefits of ecosystem services


Blue Value Infographic Desktop
Blue Value Infographic Mobile
Blue Value Desktop Screenshot
Blue Value Screenshot 1
Blue Value Screenshot 2
Blue Value Screenshot 3

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