Introducing Eli Stone -- our new Web Developer!

Eli didn’t start getting into the developer roles until university, where during his four years studying he moonlighted for various startup companies, including mobile gaming applications, heating control software, and government-related video streaming. 

At IE Design, he learned everything he currently knows about Drupal by working on Drupal 6 - 8 projects, studying for and passing his Drupal 8 exam, and just generally learning to work in bigger teams with bigger projects.

Eli strives to plan his work before it begins, making sure that he understands the project holistically before jumping in. He’s not afraid to ask questions when he’s not sure of something and enjoys submerging himself in new technologies and expanding his wheelhouse. He’s a massive lover of all things technology.

When working, Eli enjoys listening to music; this keeps him entertained and generally very focused (which can be the opposite for some people). Sometimes he’ll find himself really bopping along to some good music, maybe even a few seconds of dancing in his seat.

Eli’s idea of a good workday is measured by the number of tasks he’s managed to complete and how many stubborn problems he managed to resolve. Sometimes, a good workday is determined by just coming up with a smart and cool idea and getting it implemented. Overall, there’s a lot that makes him feel like he had a good workday.

He’s looking forward to working with new people and having so many bright and knowledgeable brains to bounce ideas off. He’s excited to learn and improve his coding skills, and for the opportunity to travel to meetups and to become more involved with the open-source community. 

When he’s not at work, Eli enjoys all things music-related – listening to music, playing instruments (drums & guitar), and making music. He also enjoys going for a run every now and then and playing board games. He’s been learning how to play the guitar and recently started learning Japanese, or trying to at least.

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