World Monuments Fund responsive screenshots

World Monuments Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the world's most treasured places. Amazee Labs revitalized their online presence. 



WMF’s aging Drupal website was no longer meeting their needs as a marketing, educational, and fund-raising tool. With an emphasis on modern design and streamlined content architecture, Amazee Labs was tasked with improving the overall usability of the site, for both end users and site administrators.



At the heart of the World Monuments Fund redesign is a simplified site structure. By organizing content into four comprehensive landing pages, we’ve improved the user experience for two key audiences. First time visitors are readily introduced to WMF and their mission, while returning devotees are encouraged to get involved or give to the cause.

In parallel, a series of in-depth pages serve more distinct audiences.

Architecture, history, and travel enthusiasts alike can quickly and easily comb through WMF’s 1,000+ projects using the multi-faceted Site Explorer. Drupal’s Search API Solr Search module allows these users to search by any combination of site type, theme, and country, as well as free text. Results can be displayed on an interactive Google map, custom designed for WMF using Mapbox.

Preservation professionals and academics are treated to a similar experience in the Library, a searchable archive of WMF publications. Further reading is curated on the News page, which offers up WMF’s latest blog posts, press releases, and media mentions, as well as the opportunity to sign up for a monthly Newsletter, connected on Drupal’s backend to Pardot by Salesforce.


Big, beautiful imagery and handsome typography do the heavy lifting for the look and feel of the new website. Taking advantage of WMF’s seemingly endless supply of impressive photography was obvious, a strategy that lends a great deal of authenticity to the product.

Interaction design centers around conversion. Whether it be contacting a WMF affiliate office, or signing up for Friends membership, considered layouts and careful use of color help direct traffic. An all-encompassing responsive design ensures a consistent user experience across all screens and devices.


Site structure and design mean nothing without content, and WMF has plenty. In what can only be described as a monumental migration, we’ve folded nearly 6,000 unique pieces of content into the new platform. Legacy data exported to a Google spreadsheet and then customized to the client’s liking has been imported and mapped to the new site.


We’ve delivered our client a highly versatile product, one they can update themselves on a you-name-it basis. New content can be created and promoted to the home page, and other landing pages, with the click of a button. The Paragraphs module enables WMF to build entirely new pages from scratch, and ensures they’ll display beautifully and responsively.


In the end, we’ve delivered World Monuments Fund a state-of-the-art solution, one that will substantiate their claim as the leading experts in the field of heritage preservation for years to come.
World Monuments Fund is a private, nonprofit organization committed to architectural and cultural heritage preservation worldwide. For over 50 years, WMF and its affiliates have directed financial and technical support to sites in most need of assistance. Through fieldwork, advocacy, education, and training, they promote long-term stewardship of these precious places for future generations.
Facts and Figures
Founded in 1965
Over 600 projects in 90 countries
Five affiliates worldwide