Device Image Zürich Tourismus

A brand new website for Zürich Tourismus.

Zürich Tourismus is responsible for the local and international marketing of the city of Zurich and the surrounding region. They aim to showcase the region as both a fascinating tourist destination and the perfect place to hold meetings and congresses.


The goal of the website was to increase conversion rates and user retention. This required a new structure on the individual pages and the integration of user-generated content. Completely new sections were needed to allow easy access for visitors who are looking for ideas for their visit to Zurich and the surrounding area.
User-friendly design and a fresh, modern appearance were the two most important aspects of the new website. Social content and sharing options are a central aspect of all of the pages offering general information, filter options and various topics. This allows users to interact with the website and takes conversion to the next level.

The website's authenticity is reinforced by offering users the option to show off the best sides of the city on the social channels. Lastly, the offer also included a quick and easy-to-use search function with a map and the option to search within a certain radius.


The new CI/CD would be integrated into all of the content and design elements on the website. The website should have a lot of empty white space which draws the user's focus to the images and videos. The left-justified design and uniform teaser layout create a feeling of order on each individual page. A specially designed company font and the predefined colour palette were used for the website's design. A cluster of topics and the colours used as an additional branding element in the navigation would also be implemented.


With an immersive video as the point of entry, supplemented by user-generated content, the website not only inspires trust in the user, but also builds an emotional connection with them. Interactive options such as the option to send enquiries to service providers (hotels, restaurants, etc.) or share content allow for and inspire additional user interaction, eliminate obstacles which could discourage users from booking services, and let the user know that they are fully informed, have chosen the best activities for their stay in Zurich, and have not missed anything.

With the new branding, which moves from playful to minimalist, the new website is timeless and modern with a touch of "Swissness" thanks to the references to the heyday of Zurich-based design in the 1960s. The website's appearance is rounded out by the specially designed company font - based on Helvetica - and the expanded colour palette, which is inspired by the tram lines that run through Zurich.
The implementation took place in a compact time frame. Thanks to the agile approach, many parts could be prioritised and implemented at short notice, which meant that we were able to realise more items than initially planned.
Matthias Drabe, Projektverantwortlicher, Zürich Tourismus