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The performance
of React
The performance
of React

Amazee Labs, Drupal, and React go hand-in-hand. Since 2016, we have been at the forefront of integrating Drupal and React.

We realised early on that Drupal 8 enables us to expose data using the query language GraphQL efficiently and progressively. As drivers of the GraphQL module, Amazee Labs is experienced in building fully decoupled applications using Drupal as our content source, and React as our user interface framework.

React Amazee Labs
What is React?

React is a modern JavaScript framework used to build fast, high-performing user interfaces. It was spearheaded by Facebook and is used throughout the Facebook suite.

As avid contributors to open-source software, we are thrilled that Facebook has released React under an open-source license.

With this combination of corporate backing and open-source licensing, we believe that React is the perfect tool to complement Drupal.

Why Use React?

What were once simple and static pages are now highly engaging and responsive applications that guide your target audience through a site in the most efficient, convenient, and pleasing way.

We use GraphQL as a bridge to connect the React front-end with the Drupal back-end to create a vibrant and compelling digital experience for your users.

Our innovative approach to combining cutting-edge technologies means we provide you with top-quality interface solutions that drive business goals.



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