After three years of fulltime employment our employees get one month off to free their mind and do something really extreme. Think about a challenge the rainbow press wants to write about: Build a 100m Lego tower, surf Jaws without being a pro, hack the NSA with an iPhone, read all big philosophers. And that's what's brewing for real:

Tour de DrupAlps

My plan is to cycle from Switzerland to DrupalCon Vienna by crossing the Alps 6 times. The tour will take me over some of the most challenging Alp passes using my road cycle. I’ll visit 5 different countries: Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Slovenia and Austria.

Overcoming the Alps with the bicycle has been a long term dream of myself. Inspired by the sports achievements of my uncle, I am taking this challenge to see if I can make it from Switzerland to DrupalCon Vienna taking some scenic and challenging detours over the Alps. The final destination being DrupalCon Vienna which serves as the perfect goal because it’s my favourite conference and hometown at the same time.

Tour de DrupAlps Icon

From August 25 to September 24 I cycled the Alps for an entire month. I was very lucky - no accidents and major problems, not even a single puncture during the entire trip! In the end I was able to cycle 25% than planned, so I did 2900 kilometers, climbed 69000 meters and did 46 passes ranging from a few hundreds to 2700 meters of elevation. Find out more on the DrupAlps website.

Coming soon

30 In 30 Pop-up Art Show

Freshly painted white walls, finger foods, spotlights shining on meticulously hung pieces of art, and gallery patrons casting doubt on all the hard work — this is what comes to mind when I think of an art show. What doesn't come to mind is what it takes to put on such a show. I want to find out.

I'm challenging myself to put on my very own art exhibition, open to the public, open to praise and criticism alike. I'll take every step from start to show time. Off the top of my head I can think of tasks like securing a venue, driving attendance, planning the space, painting, lighting, composing a storyline, a traffic flow, and so on. There are likely hundreds of details that come along with the ultimate goal of showing my work.

Oh yeah, the work. I forgot about the artwork. Well I'll have to do that too I guess.

You see what makes this challenge extreme is that I won't have any artwork when I start. In parallel with preparing the show, I'll be doing the art at the same time. "30 In 30," I'll call it. That's 30 pieces of original art in 30 days, and showing it to the world on Day 30!

1000 windsurfing jibes

Ten years ago I started windsurfing. I fell in love with this wonderful sport but only found time during my holidays. Next to working, continuing my education, building a business and raising two children, there wasn't much time to spend on the water. I never managed to reach the level I would call "Good". Now is the time for change!


July and August 2013 I went to Brazil with my family, to a small village called Jericoacoara - average wind strength in those months: 6 beaufort a day. This proved to be THE place for me to practice, practice and practice some more. This was my extreme challenge: Stand 1000 jibes or tacks during my stay, preferably power jibes and fast tacks but I might add some other manoevers. After many days with sore muscles and blisters I succeeded!

Walk from Johannesburg to Capetown

After walking from beautiful Table Mountain to Cape Point (South Africa) in 2009 I knew that I want to do an ultra-long distance trek, just once in my life! It had to be a mission that would require thorough preparation - a project where I could work on my mind and body, increase endurance, learn about the South African geography, geology, flora, fauna, super light trekking equipment, South African history, you name it. 


On 26 April 2012 I took the challenge and hit the road for the 1400 km. After 7 days of walking, two break days, and 7 days of cycling I reached Cape Town. It was a stunning experience, but read it all on my dedicated challenge site.

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