Blaize Kaye

Blaize Kaye

Senior Drupal Developer

Blaize was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, but now lives in the small town of Paraparaumu in New Zealand. As an undergraduate, he studied Classics, Philosophy, and Logic after which he did graduate work in cognitive science (where he paid people to play Tetris for hours). He has spent the last decade writing PHP applications, and proudly continues doing so as a developer for Amazee. Through some fluke, Blaize is listed as a contributor to Drupal 8 core (having, apparently, contributed 0.0021%), but most of his recent Open Source work has been in the p5.js community, helping to bring computation to artists and designers.


Fun Fact:

When he's not coding, Blaize is supposed to be working on a thesis on neuroeconomics, which he (mostly) avoids by writing sad short stories about AI, spaceships, and the singularity.