#SMGZH – Listen and react.

The 37th Social Media Gipfel was hosted at NZZ Bistro by tibits on 1 February 2017 and we talked about the importance of really listening to your community, how to react and much more.

#SMGZH – Listen and react.

Frida Hirt (@La_Hirt), from UPC, presented their community platform "community.upc.ch" and showed us how they monitor and maintain the community. When they started this journey they monitored communtiy trends by using an excel file, but they soon realized they should see the community as the sum of all its parts.

The UPC team soon realised that to achieve positive results it's imperative that all the departments and teams work together and that the community management needs to stay informed about all the planned promotions and communication. 

They defined certain categories for the clients' needs - for example "questions", "help", "info" and "dissatisfaction" and started "multilevel monitoring" in order to get a detailed overview of their community. The most valuable take aways from Frida's talk was that: 

  • community matters for the whole company,
  • user needs are essential,
  • take baby steps in building your community, 
  • content is king, and
  • try, make mistakes and learn from them. 

#SMGZH – Listen and react.   #SMGZH – Listen and react.

The second speaker was Pascal Rosenberger (@pascalros) who is the Social Media Responsible at Swisscom. He showed us how Swisscom uses the voices of their community and what happens behind the scenes during this process.

So, you might wonder what the benefit for Swisscom is by using this approach? The short answer is brand experience. The challenge remains, however, to track all the different channels / touchpoints and to guarantee quality and consistency. Although, monitoring is very important, there will always be a blind spot and Pascal stressed that you shouldn't worry to much about it because it's just not possible to notice everything. 

In summary, some of the core points of Pascal's talk were:

  • It's important to keep an ear on the ground and know what's going on outside of your company. Those trends / voices must be utilized within your company. 
  • The client's needs must be at the center of business interests.
  • To achieve success requires a team effort.
  • It sometimes needs pressure from the outside to change things. 

Thank you to both our speakers for the inspiring insights and for giving all of us some food for thought. 


We thank Coop for sponsoring the coffee, Gipfeli and tech, which helped make this another great event.

You can find pictures here and slides here (in German only).

February 2, 2017
NZZ Bistro by tibits

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