Web Maintenance
is a mindset not a milestone.

Application Maintenance and Lifecycle

Application Maintenance and Lifecycle

Maintaining a website is more than keeping your core system and modules secure and updated. It also includes new developments, extensions, features, and refinements, that keep your site relevant and your target audience engaged.

Continued Excellence

Amazee Labs Global Maintenance employs a distributed team of highly skilled project managers, web developers, and engineers that specialise in site stability, DevOps, and SecOps.

In the digital world, it can be tempting to follow continually changing trends leading to underinvestment in maintenance and upcycling. Our global maintenance team believes that a strategic maintenance plan that includes engineering for maintenance and upcycling keeps your web solutions relevant and innovation high. 

Engineering for Maintenance encourages collaboration between the development and the maintenance teams before, and during, and after launch.


Upcycling is an incremental approach to improving your web projects without waiting for a relaunch or rebuild. Upcycling can be used to extend the features of an application or improve application performance, user experience, or integration with external services.

Application Upcycling reduces the time to market for new and improved features. It also allows us to leverage up-to-date technology while reducing the associated risks of brand new development.

While upcycling can initially lift the application quality above competitive levels, the marginal cost to reach comparable upcycling results will naturally increase over time. Eventually, a relaunch will become the most viable economic solution. Our teams can help you know when and what to upcycle and facilitate the transition to a fresh innovation cycle when the time is right.

Meet our
global team

Meet our
global team

We have a dedicated global maintenance and extensions team to look after you once your site goes live.


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