Drupal and React

We can build that for you

We can build that for you

At Amazee Labs, we use open source software like Drupal and React to build beautiful, practical web solutions. 

Our dev team is highly skilled in contemporary technologies and programming languages including GraphQL, ReactJS, PHP, and JavaScript.

We employ agile project management techniques along with continuous integration and deployment practices to ensure a smooth development process from start to finish.

Every step of the way

Our dev skills don’t stop at websites. We also make slick social media applications, campaigning tools, web shops, and more. We’ll partner with you  throughout the development process to ensure their envisioned web presence comes to life.

Striving for excellence

Our agile methodologies ensure that we get it right. Our approach utilises continuous client input to produce flawless web solutions that meet all requirements and drive business growth. 

Tools of the trade

Our developers are well-versed in the tools needed for industry-leading web solution development. GraphQL, PHP, JavaScript, and ReactJS are all in our arsenal. When paired with our agile methodologies, these tools empower us to build custom solutions across industries for clients of all sizes.  

Fully transparent

We believe in open and transparent client communication throughout the development process. If we run into unexpected challenges, we are proactive in offering solutions. This transparent communication allows us to build trust, and to produce a final website that matches your vision.

Clients can review every step of the project by using tools like our issue tracker, distributed revision control, and Git, our source code management system.

Our global team

Our global team

We have a dedicated global maintenance and extensions team to look after you once your site goes live.


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