Long lasting digital solutions.

360 Degree digital perspective

360 Degree digital perspective

Your modern business is embedded in an increasingly complex context. From creating your digital presence to consistently integrating your digital brand with your corporate identity to navigating emerging data and privacy regulatory frameworks, Amazee Labs is your partner to navigating the digital world successfully.

Creative Concepts
User Experience & Design Thinking

You don’t leave your financial planning, operations, or corporate identity to chance so why let your user experience and interaction suffer from a lack of design? At Amazee Labs, we know that beautiful digital experiences leave a lasting impression. The moments when customers interact with your brand should be designed, measured, and continuously improved.
Beautiful experiences emerge from deeply considered design thinking processes. Amazee Labs believes in consulting our customers as part of a design-centred approach.

Agile business and Agile projects

At Amazee Labs, Agility is in our DNA. Whether we are building a new social platform product, or leveraging our decades-long agency experience, we know that in the digital world change is the only constant. Our Project Managers build adaptable plans, and our teams use Agile methodologies to embrace and leverage changing environments. Want to know more? We offer Agile Consulting services too.

Digital strategy and implementation planning

Good strategies consider tactical constraints, and good implementation plans work to achieve the strategic goals. With our decade-plus of digital experience, Amazee Labs is well placed to support both. We help you develop a strategic digital vision, as well as the practical implementation plan to reach their goals.

Navigating regulatory frameworks

The growing impact of social media on our businesses and everyday lives, coupled with an unprecedented amount of consumer data, has given rise to multiple new complex regulatory frameworks. From the GDPR in Europe to POPI and the CPA in South Africa, to evolving Canadian and US policies, Amazee Labs, along with our sister company Amazee Metrics, can help you navigate the changing landscape of regulation.

Web Consulting

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