A Rave Review of DrupalCon 2017

It has only been a couple of days, but time seems to bend in strange ways when you are at a DrupalCon. From crashing a violin recital to smashing crabs to our hearts’ content, this week so far has been generous with fulfilled promises and delightful surprises.

Baltimore houses

The city

Baltimore has not one, but two, free art museums. It is always exciting to see renown pieces of art like The Thinker from Rodin at close range and get inspired by innovative pieces, be them from 1832 or two years ago. But it was equally stimulating to wander the streets and come across an ancient cathedral here, a beautiful street mural there, and an impressive violin recital at the Johns Hopkins Peabody Conservatory a bit further away.

Head of a Roman Woman, from Nature by Thomas Cole (1832)

The lounge

Since the conference started, we have been busy meeting fellow Drupalers at the Amazee Labs lounge. All the Periodic Table of Drupal Modules prints have been claimed (stay posted for a link to download it!), but we still have locks & lockers available. Stop by to take one and store what you don’t want to carry around, or just to say hi!

The parties

Days can be draining, but the fun doesn’t stop at 6pm. We started the week right with an amazee-ing Crab Feast, and Tuesday evening had plenty of parties close by for those who wanted to share a conversation or a drink with old and new friends.

Stephanie eating a crab
She won!

But wait… what about the sessions?

This year I'm not going to as many sessions as possible, though I still couldn’t resist checking out Stephanie’s and Michael’s presentations. Plus I went to a couple more about different flavors of decoupled Drupal: Decoupled Drupal and Angular 2 by Preston So and How we develop Organic Groups after 2 years with Elm by Amitai Burstein. I also tried to go to Kathryn’s session, but that was no easy feat!

Looking forward to seeing what these next days brings us. Stay tuned! 

April 26, 2017

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