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Exciting new design for ProFemina.

ProFemina provides information, helpful advice and a forum through in which pregnant women can discuss their options.


Our task was to migrate ProFemina from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 and redesign the website.


ProFemina received a whole new design. Originally the website was built on Drupal 6, however, because Drupal 6 was reaching end-of-life, it was decided to migrate the site to Drupal 8. After migration and rebuilding the site, a redesign was in order. Some of the modules used included: Paragraphs to add more flexibility to the various content types; Web Form to create advanced and complicated questionnaires; Views Accordion to create a simple FAQ interface, and on the client’s request we enabled Real-time SEO for Drupal, that we could integrate the YOAST SEO plugin.


By using various Drupal modules, we succeeded in giving ProFemina an exciting new look that is both comforting and inviting to new and existing users.
We enjoyed working with Amazee Labs, because they were open-minded compared to our ideas and visions. Therefore, we were able to implement exactly what we had planned.
Kristijan Aufiero, CEO of Pro Femina e.V.