Open Streets screen grab

A modern web presence for Open Streets.

Open Streets tries to change the way people see and use the communal spaces of our roads. They argue, that «Streets are more than just spaces used by cars». Their aim is to raise citizen awareness in order to change people's behaviour, this, by organizing OpenStreet Days.


Our task was to redesign the site, as the previous site was built in 2013 and the home page was structured as a news feed which did not immediately provide the essential information about the organization.


In the whole redesign, we made sure that the hero area was more explanatory on who Open Streets are and what they do, and brought in brighter elements. The rest of the site followed suit in terms of fonts and colours, but to make sure that loyal Open Streets fans didn’t get too lost, we generally kept the same layout.


As a result, the site is now much more modern, information is structured and easy to navigate and the bright colours make it feel lively and encourage interaction.
«Working with Amazee Labs has been a phenomenal experience. Not only because of the generous support we receive from the very skilled team but most importantly because of the end result of their work. We are most proud of our website!»
Marcela Guerrero Casas, Co-founder & Managing Director, Open Streets Cape Town