DrupalCon Amsterdam - Call for Sessions

DrupalCon Amsterdam - Call for Sessions
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Since the submissions come to a deadline soon we would encourage you to submit a session!

The submission deadline is Friday, 13 June. That gives you enough time to get inspired by the talks at DrupalCon Austin and submitting afterwards. But if you already got a topic in hand, give yourself a head start and submit today!


Site Building

Building great websites without the need to touch code one single time? Drupal enables you to do so. Are you using a module in a smart way to achieve greatness? Tell the community about it and give back what you learned and achieved on your way. We are actively seeking the following session topics:

  • Drupal 8: which modules exist, which are coming, and what is changing

  • Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

  • Comparison of different techniques for Layouting that currently exist

  • Studies and real life examples of Site Builds (Special ways, new ways)



Welcome to the unicorn of DrupalCon Amsterdam, here we are interested in hearing about your success and failure stories of your DevOps live, what did work fantastically what ended up being a good learning in establishing new culture or toolsets. We also like to hear about topics that are not strictly bound to Drupal but supporting your daily work. We are actively seeking the following session topics:

  • Establishing DevOps Culture

  • Logging / Log Data Handling

  • Dashboard Design / Data Visualization

  • Monitoring

  • Automated Deployments / Strategies

  • Continuous Integration

  • Performance

  • Security

Does that sound like you could give a fantastic talk about one of those topics? Don’t hesitate. Submit your session now!

Also if you know someone which you really think should talk at DrupalCon Amsterdam, point them in our direction and spread the word about the Call for Sessions.


We are keen to see your submissions!

Michael & Bastian

Chairs of Site Building and DevOps for DrupalCon Amsterdam

Contact for more information.
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