Essence of a web week: Issue 112

Amazee Labs Current Affairs


Paul Johnson's Blog: D8Rules achieves full funding
Paul Johnson takes a look at a fundraising success story for probably one of Drupal 8's most important contributed modules.

Social Media

Quartz: Twitter is hoping the World Cup will help fix its biggest problem
While the World Cup kicked off this week a the microblogging platform hopes that the tournament can leave a lasting impression on the service.

Responsive Design

A List Apart: Apple and Responsive Design
Anthony Colange examines the relationship between the company that helped the smartphone to break into the mass market and Responsive Design.

Digital Transformation

Mashable: U.S. Ambassador Is First to Take Oath on an E-Reader
This week the new United States Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein took her oath. For the first time no ink was used in the process.

Tweets That Cut The Noise