Essence of a web week: Issue 113

Amazee Labs Current Affairs


Guardian: World Cup goal line technology: how does it work?
Besides the vanishing foam this World Cup handed the referees a second little helper. Here's a closer look at the how the goal line technology works.


DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014: Amsterdam Session Submissions Overview
The European Drupal community is healthy and kicking. For this autumn's conference session proposals rose by an incredible 42%. Additionally the forming of an European Drupal Foundation was announced this week.

Content Management Systems

New York Times: Scoop: A Glimpse Into the NYTimes CMS
This week the New York Times shared some selected insight into it's own CMS. An interesting peaking behind the curtains of a powerful media publishing solution.


psfk: Espresso Machine Adapted To Make Coffee In Space
Finally proper coffee can be brewed in orbit. What are your thoughts on a DrupalCon in the International Space Station (ISS)?


Creative Bloq: Find the perfect colour for your website
There's more to it than meets the eye.