DrupalCon Amsterdam - a day with Emma

The day started off with the keynote by Dries. There was a high emphasis on the need to reward individuals and companies who give their time and efforts contributing to Drupal. There was also an update on contributions to core and the exciting next step for Drupal 8. 

(Beta 1 has now been released - woop!)

First up for the frontend sessions was Twig and the new Drupal 8 Theme System presented by MortenFabian and Joel. This session had many demos and a very excited Morten showing all of the Twig greatness being added to Drupal 8.

Morten also retold the famous story of the Consensus Banana from DrupalCon Austin.

And a brand new theme for Drupal 8 was announced....

Read about the progress of the 'Classy' theme here.

Next to mention is the The State of the Front End session presented by David Hwang and Brian Wald.

This session introduced all of the themes of the frontend track for Drupalcon Amsterdam. Frontend tools, methods and devices used to access the web are evolving at such a fast pace, this has a huge impact on the future of Drupal.

Tuesday also had a Drupal frontend conference announcement.

The frontend track has been fantastic so far and there is still a lot more to come! I'd like to give a big thanks to the Frontend track chairs Lewis and Ruben for all of their hard work in achieving this.

Enjoy the rest of the con!


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