Emma's round up of DrupalCamp Ghent 2014

Personal successes

I gave my first talk in front of a big audience. Yes, it was only around 40 people tops, but I was very very nervous! Luckily I had some of my best friends in the front row cheering me on and helping me answer questions.

My session was about how to get involved with Drupal Contribution Sprints. What they are like, the rewards they provide, how to get the best start and how to get the most out-out of them. You can see just the slides here and the session recording below.

After the nerves calmed down I enjoyed the experience and will be submitting this talk at a few more camps in the near future.

Also, a nice bonus from the camp, my tweets over the weekend contributed to winning my very own PhpStorm license. Now I have no excuse to try it out!

Frontend successes

Lauriii's talk on Drupal 8 theming was very informative to both frontend and backend. It's exciting to see how many frontends in Drupal 8 has improved for the community and how much easier it is going to be.

Frontenders also held a bof on how to improve the sprints at big events like DrupalCon. We discussed how to organize responsibilities for the sprint, delegating tasks and sharing knowledge to everyone leading and mentoring. This has sparked further discussion and we will post more about it soon.

Also at the sprints, we decided to speak up about the Drupal default theme Bartik. We believe it is well overdue for this theme to get some of the love it deserves. The suggestion is to give the Drupal 8 version a spring clean, sort out code standards, accessibility and get it squeaky clean for the release of Drupal 8. You can see the discussion here.

Sprinting successes

I attended sprints on Thursday and Sunday at the One Agency offices. Thank you One Agency for being great hosts and putting up with all of us.

It was great to see new faces sprinting and then seeing tweets like this soon afterward...

Thank you, Drupalcamp Ghent, for your great hospitality. See you next year! 


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