Some impressions from TEDActive 2015

But let’s start at the beginning– I’ve been part of the team that organizes TEDxZurich for the past 5 years; along this way I learned that there’s this a conference called TEDActive once a year.  I went there for the first time back in 2012 and came back every year since then.  Why? In theory TEDActive is not much more than a live stream from the “big” TED conference plus some social activities.  That’s what you think at first (or rather until you have experienced it in real…); in reality it’s a gathering of the tribe of TEDx organizers and TED fans; and they are indeed an interesting bunch of people from all across the world.  It is such a great pleasure to meet like-minded people once a year, tap into their wisdom and feel their creativity and share their “ideas worth spreading” attitude (not forget the party thing!).

So, this year’s gathering took place again in Whistler, BC, Canada. A nice little town some 2 hours away from Vancouver.  The TEDx organizers met already on Sunday in Vancouver and got a couple of glimpses behind the TED scene, they had the chance to chat with Chris Anderson 
and to sit in one of the rehearsals.

TEDActive took place at the Whistler conference center, but before it started I was lucky enough to be able to go bobsleighing at the Whistler sliding center. I never realized before how fast 125 km/h are – it sure makes a difference whether you sit in a car or a bob…


So, is there one single talk that I’d consider “best”? Well no, but only because there were just too many good talks and the range of topics is way too wide; from tech to art, to skydivers to surf photographers to right activists to Nobel Prize Peace laureates to, well, the Dalai Lama.

I am certain that media will cover quite a couple of things and stories revealed at TED 2015, first was the 3D printing technology by, which indeed is pretty impressive.

But again, the talks are one thing; meeting fellow TEDx organizers is at least as much fun… and of course you meet other Swiss people, like Bruno
  or Marco

So, what else? Oh yeah; the parties – it isn’t that often that you get up and close with acts like Aloe Blacc, who came by on Thursday night and rocked the place for us. Really nice. 

And now – well, this last picture says what I’m up to on Saturday: 

As I write this post the conference is over and it was well worth attending. Keep your eyes open for all the talks to come online soon and enjoy the “Ideas worth spreading”!



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