Humans of DrupalCon

Humans of DrupalCon

Based on Humans of New York, a photoblog featuring street portraits and interviews collected in New York City, this is Humans of DrupalCon.


Iulia Buciuman is a Customer Experience Manager at Softescu, a Drupal shop out of Bucharest, Romania. Los Angeles is her fourth DrupalCon, and she’s cautiously aware of just how huge the event has become. In the future, she hopes that more events within the event will emerge, where she can come together with others in the community that share her specific interest. Perhaps a gathering of project managers or frontend developers could join the likes of The Business Summit or Women in Drupal events.


As a Digital Support Manager at NGP VAN, Dan Villamarin and his team use Drupal to power hundreds of political campaign websites. Dan comments that we often get siloed in our own jobs, and that he greatly appreciates the opportunity this event has  given him to learn what others are doing with Drupal. His favorite session was Drupal 8 Theming with Love, an insightful and entertaining talk by Morten. Attending a session by Morten is sort of a rite of passage for any DrupalCon first-timer like Dan.


John Sly works at The University of Michigan as a Senior Applications Developer. Not only is he new to DrupalCon, but also Drupal itself, recently making the switch from his own, hand-coded CMS. His DrupalCon experience has been a good one, highlighted by the heartening fact that he can talk with so many other people that understand him and what he has to say. His favorite talk was John Ferris’ The Flavors of SVG.


Irina Zaks is no newcomer. DrupalCon Los Angeles is her fifth event and she’s got the stickers to prove it. Irina works as a Drupal consultant to Stanford University near Mountain View, California. Over the years, she’s observed that while sessions seem to get less technical, and more business minded, the proficiency required to contribute to the Drupal project has significantly increased. She spent more time in BOFs this year, noting their tendency to be more intimate, conversational, and ultimately fruitful.


Chingis Sandanov is CEO and co-founder of Wodby, a DevOps platform for web application frameworks and CMS/CMF. He’s traveled all the way from Russia to attend his first North American DrupalCon here in Los Angeles. It also happens to be his first trip to the US. Chingis enjoys the open and positive communication style of companies here, and is looking forward to meeting more vendors next week in San Francisco. 

There were thousands of people that attended this year's DrupalConNA, each one of them with a story just like these. If you want to share yours, link it up in the comments below, we'd love to read more.

See you in Barcelona and New Orleans!