Same same but different-our new Twitter accounts

That now makes three Amazee Labs Offices all around the globe. Since Zurich is not the same as Austin and Austin is not the same as Cape Town, we decided to give each location their very own Twitter account. Here is a little heads up, so you don't get lost in the Twitter-jungle and don't miss an update.

Amazee Labs Zurich now tweets from their account @amazeelabs_zrh (the account formerly know as @amazeelabs) and you might stumble across some Tweets in German every now and then.

Amazee Labs Austin keeps you up to date with what happens down south with their channel @amazeelabs_atx.

And last but not least @amazeelabs_cpt informs you what's trending in the "mother city", in Cape Town.

So no worries, we're still here for you, just on different channels; feel free to follow all of them to never miss a Tweet. As we said: same same but different!

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