DrupalCon Austin, The Amazee Labs Experience


Rather than ramble too much about the Con itself, I thought I’d share how each of our attendees contributed to making this past week truly special.

Team Work


Diana was instrumental in pulling off our training session, Drupal 8 for Drupalistas, which was attended by nearly 40 participants. 

Diana was also an organizer of the Women in Drupal event, which resulted in over 100 attendees. And when a speaker got sick an hour before her talk, Diana stepped in to save the day with an impromptu session titled, From Proposal to Thank You Note: A Documentation Discussion.


Kathryn worked for months leading up to Drupalcon as the Frontend track chair, responsible for narrowing hundreds of session submissions to the dozen seen at the conference. She also contributed her Frontend expertise to the Drupal 8 training, drove attendance for the Women in Drupal event, and lent her keen design eye to the Amazee Labs booth.


Michael seemed to be everywhere, which should come as no surprise to those who know him. Although you might not have seen @Schnitzel himself, you surely saw the drone he used to take the official group photo, high in the sky.

He also gave two sessions — Drupal 8 Core is More Multilingual Than Drupal 7 with All of Contrib and Building a Full Site in Drupal 8 Alpha.

And as if that’s not enough for one DrupalCon, he also dropped Multilingual knowledge on our training participants, and participated in three days worth of code sprints.


Bastian did some serious backend development for our D8 training and made sure things ran smoothly the day of. He was also heavily involved throughout the week with the Testbot Initiative, an effort to modernize the testing infrastructure of drupal.org.


Emma spent her week mentoring Drupalistas in their plight to contribute to the project. She also contributed herself at the sprints. 

@sxnc and @luxianm

Victor & Lucian worked hard to keep our training participants on track, helping solve issues throughout the day-long session. They also took home the first place trophy on Trivia Night, a first for Amazee Labs.

@DaniaGerhardt and @ursbucher

Dania & Urs served as Swiss ambassadors for Amazee Labs throughout the week, starting with The Business Summit, where they swapped valuable know-how with other Drupal executives.


As for myself, I was on marketing like a bee on honey. I worked to conceptualize and design our limited edition, Grüezi Y’all t-shirts. Shout out to @DrupalRuth for heading up the t-shirt giveaway campaign via social media.

I also designed and installed our booth, with a little help from my friends of course. 

On the Topic of Booths

Here are some cinemagraphs that document some of the more creative booths at DrupalCon Austin, we had some stiff competition.

The Live Band

The Drone

The Game Room

The Acoustic Set

The Bull

The Live Print

The Horn Cologne (@HornCologne)

Fun in the Sun

Of course it wasn’t all work and no play. The Amazee Labs’ team also had a good time outside the walls of the convention center. Two of my examples include transportation, of the on and off-road varieties.

A Willie Nelson lyric seems fitting to finish off this post, and DrupalCon Austin — “The party’s over.” But he goes on to sing, “And tomorrow starts the same old thing again.”

See you in Amsterdam!


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