First Web Monday 2015 was great!


Microsoft kicked off the event and announced the introduction of the HoloLens providing a totally new mixed reality experience. You should watch their impressive video. Rumours say that the prototype might arrive in summer and that people interested in developing apps for the HoloLens should get in contact with Stefano Malle from Microsoft.

Moreover, Microsoft presented their Azure Startup program, Biz Spark: As a startup you can apply for free Cloud hosting with a value of CHF 27'000 and an additional CHF 60'000 of Azure services. One of the startup members of the program, Audiolize explained how they are using the Microsoft cloud.

Dejan Juric presented the story and goal of Currently they have a working Peer to Peer mobile payment app in place which allows you to pay your friends smaller amounts of money within less than a second. Their ultimate business goal is yet to become a payment systems provider that integrates with big players on the market.

The last presentation was held by Kai Burkhardt from The startup has the vision to tackle the number three of western society's burdens, obesity by offering a personalized dietician consulting app. You send pictures of what you eat and you get back a daily diet tip from your personal coach. Kai Burkhardt's mid-term objective is is that doctors prescribe the app to people for whom a diet helps to cure an illness.

Once again, presentations and networking were exciting and a big thanks goes again back to the host Microsoft.

If you would like to be the future host or speaker, please get in touch with me!

Check out all pictures of the event on the Amazee Labs flickr account.

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See you soon on the next Web Monday!


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