First Day of DrupalCon Latin America


The 200-300 attendees come from all over the world - there is a good mix of people coming from the US, from Europe and of course many Latin Americans from all over the continent. It’s a unique and really fascinating mix of Drupalistas.

It started off with the introduction by Holly. Multilinguality is not only in core of D8 but also in core of the Drupal Association: Holly kicked off in fabulous Spanish! 

More multilingual features of the Con are the real-time translations of talks in Portuguese and Spanish. And of course the entire organization team bridges the gap between the Latinos and the rest of the world.

A highlight of the first day, was the keynote of Dries. "User experience will always win" ; is his credo. Dries predicted that for the next 10 to 20 years user experience will change from pull to push. Personal, aggregated and situation-based services such as Google Now will be predominant and push useful information to us. 

I personally liked the talks of Larry Garfield about Design Systems a lot and also Andy Kucharski's talk about measuring support and client relationships.

Both talks are already online and fotos can be found on our flickr page

We are excited for day 2! Hasta Luego

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