DrupalCon Los Angeles - A day with Lucian


The day started with the highly anticipated "musical Drupalventure" prenote, and I dare say that it gets better with every con.

By the time the prenote ended, the hall was already packed with people waiting for Dries' keynote. The Drupal project is already 14 years old and Dries spent this keynote sharing the history of Drupal and some of the people who made it happen. The keynote also covered the state of Drupal 8 and the plans for the future. We were proud to see our (early D8) work being mentioned during the showcase of Drupal 8 sites.

The keynote was followed by the group picture (shot by Amazee's own Schnitzel) and shortly after the sessions started.

DrupalCon Group Picture - Los Angeles 2015

This was my first day as a DrupalCon volunteer. It's surprisingly easy to get involved and help. I was a Session Room monitor, which allowed me to both volunteer and attend sessions at the same time.

The Coding and Development track proved to be great on Tuesday and I still have more backend session queued in my schedule for Wednesday and Thursday. Drupal is definitely making huge steps towards the modern PHP world and that brings a lot of joy to our developers' lives.

In the meantime, Michael presented our learnings from building and releasing Drupal 8 websites. His slides are already available here and the recording of the presentation is also available on the session page

Our lounge was all busy during the day and rumor has it that our Flickr photos where uploaded from that cozy yellow couch (come visit us, we are by the coffee in the exhibit hall).

The fun continued at various parties even after the venue closed its doors. Drupalistas know how to party and that’s another reason why Drupal events are so great. There are always stories to tell after.


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