DrupalCon Los Angeles - A day with Savino


I start my day earlier than most arriving at our lounge while the lights are still dim. I spend the time reviewing the day before and planning the day ahead. It's amazing that in just a few short hours the venue will be shoulder-to-shoulder with people. I will spend my day talking with a lot of these people in hallways, at booths and just relaxing in our lounge. These are important conversations that bring as much knowledge sharing as some of the sessions that will be attended. Deep breathe, the doors are open and the space fills ... slowly at first.

Michael was the first one I see in the morning. He has a session in a couple of hours and wants to walk-through his presentation one more time ... headphones on, focused ... it will be a great session.

Later in the day I was able to have a great conversation about the Memorial Sloan Kettering Launch using Drupal 8. The strategies used by the team to get the site running are inspiring. 

After a long day, what better way to end the day than a live band and dancing at LA Live?

All in all a successful day at DrupalCon LA!

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