Recap PM Camp Zürich 2015


The PM Camp calls itself the most important conference in the area of Project Management and is organized in a bar camp format. In the morning, a keynote speech was kicking-off the day followed by self-organized sessions by the attendees. 

On the first day, Nadja Schnetzler inspired the crowd with her selection of sound bite postcards. She talked about ‘stop starting, start finishing’, about ‘better done than perfect’, about ‘cutting elephants in small pieces to eat’ (take it as a metaphore, do not try this at home) , about ‘celebrate failures’ (do celebrate she said and suggested to do it with cheap Denner beer and chips) and many more thoughtful and funny sparks. 

Funny sparks


On the second day, Bruno Gantenbein caught immediate attention with his fascinating story about unschooling his kids - they do not go to school nor do they follow an education plan. They learn what they are interested in. He built a bridge to Project Management and organization structures. A vivid discussion followed the presentation and lots of creative energy was in the room that 2nd day. 

Every self-organized session was a surprise. Discussions ranged from leadership oriented topics such as how to enthuse a team for something to a very personal level as to how to get out of a personal down phase in your career. But don’t think you could just sit back and talk - a role-playing got us out of our comfort zone and we miserably failed in building a domino parcour.

Domino parcour








It was a great event. You can find more information on the PM Camp website.

Photo credits goes to Roberto Crevatin. You can find all photos on the PM Camp Zürich flickr account.