Site Launch: Swisscom Interact Developer Hub – our first Drupal 8.0.0 Release!

site launch

We crafted a site for Swisscom that is very flexible and easy to use. It’s a website for both developers and marketers to help them understand how to use LBS (location-based services), more specific iBeacon services for their business. With the introduction of SDKs for platforms such as Android & iOS, a REST API and Web socket services, developers get the greatest freedom to start working on own apps. 

The new website makes it a piece of cake for editors to upload additional info about location-based services such as tutorials, knowledge pages and videos.

The Swisscom Developer Hub connects to the Interact-Platform, which enables the customers of Swisscom Enterprise to create a unique, highly individualized connection to their customers.

Thanks to the location-based services technology, Swisscom can digitalize the customer experience and creates real additional value for their customers.