One amazeeing week with Amazee Labs!

Wow, this has been an intense first week for us as Amazee Labs team! From deciding about the direction into which the design of the Amazee Labs webpage should go just a couple of weeks ago to contacting the fabulous Mike Kus to seeing the first designs (I loved your first logo design, too, Mike!) to having it out in the open has been like a magic carpet ride. But we were totally unprepared for the massive warmth and love we were pelted with right from the moment the site went online. You love the design Mike came up with and we like to assume that you love us also (if only for our great taste in choosing the big Kus). We have received lots of praise all over the Internet and the Amazee Labs pages grace various design sites. If you have written or posted about Amazee Labs and feel like we have missed it, don't hesitate to drop a link in the comments!

Thanks so much, everybody, we are very pleased with this first week. Not only have we turned some heads, but we have also made great new contacts with interesting probable business partners and we have received one überawesome job application (more news to follow in a couple of minutes!). Things are looking very rosy at the moment in the Amazee Labs! We love you all!

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