Welcome, Samuel!

Woohoo, just one week after launching Amazee Labs we are very proud to announce Samuel Raymann as our new team member! Samuel is an Interaction and Web Designer by default and will be working closely with the Tech side of Amazee Labs. Until recently he had been working with Zurich-based firm Zeix. He took our request for unsolicited applications (scroll to the bottom) serious and shot quickly. But what a great application it is. You do understand we had to take him, right? He will start later this month. Welcome aboard, Samuel, we are looking forward to working with you! P.S.: On a statistical side note, regarding that Mark has joined the team as a consultant just when launching Amazee Labs last week and Samuel joining now, it means that the team has grown by one third in just seven days. Given that there are thirteen more weeks to this year, if we continue growing like this, there will be roughly 270 Amazee Labbers at the end of this year. But then again, I reaaaally suck at maths.


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