Some questions for your Social Media Strategy

Remember the early days of the Internet? Websites were simply electronic versions of sales brochures. It took a while for firms to realise the interactive potential of the web. Are we making the same mistakes with Social Media?

What’s the difference between a straight forward communications channel and Social Media?

Social Media is a great communications channel. But beware of treating it as a in the same way as your other communications channels.

image_thumb4Normally mild mannered journalist Jeff Jarvis recently expressed some frustration with a regular consumer product via Twitter:

How should a company react to this?

imagePR departments have an armoury of tools and best practices at their disposal. Social media monitoring and sentiment analysis tools, engagement guidelines and processes can all be used to provide quick and efficient containment of such outbursts. Firms on top of their game have a battery of information available to ensure that social media is well integrated into the corporate machine. If you are really good then you will even "Align social media strategy with business objectives to focus on revenue, influence and engagement; assure alignment with the social media strategy defined by HP corporate marketing"


However, the real value in online technologies has been realised through interaction. The real benefit from Social Media lies not just in managing customer reactions but in engaging them at all stages of your product chain.

By managing conversations with customers at the conception, design and development and support phases of your product lifecycle, and by enabling that discussion at all levels of your company you can build better products that meet the essential needs.

imageWe talk about customer relationship management and customer proximity all the time. Social Media allows firms to truly orientate themselves around the customer and get closer than ever. Can you afford not to in a world that increasingly demands product maturity and excellence?

Questions we are exploring, problems we are working on:

  • Why is this hard to do and how can we break down the barriers?
  • How can firms efficiently manage thousands of diverse interactions every day?
  • How can we manage the risks associated with transparency?

Your thoughts? Ideas for follow up topics?

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