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After a good lunch the steam train of ideas took off for the next two hours... what a speed, here we go...

Corsin Gwerder and Lukas Limacher demo their one-wheeled robot

Since this presentation just consisted of equations and formulas we'll spare you the text  - what can be stated: This wheel robot worked in front of our eyes (and makes up to 3.5 m/s)! I just had this vision of me sitting in my armchair in 40 years, being served french fries and beer by one of these ballrobots!

Heike Bruch on Organization Energy

Heike gave an - of course - energizing preso on how to assess, mobilize and stop waisting the power of people. Basically four energy profiles can be differenciated: Low and negative = resigned intertia; high and negative = corrosive energy (e.g. strikes); low and positive = comfortable energy; high and positive = productive energy! Now, how mobilize high and positive energy? Dragon strategy: Bring back confidence to your people and make them fight (cp. ABB). Winning the princess strategy can be another way: Paint a wonderful picture of a fantastic opportunity. All starts with a spring clean out, however. In doing the princess or the dragon, most companies go to fast, however, creating a acceleration trap where people can't regenerate anymore and end up in a collective burnout. Peter Drucker coined it as follows: Take charge of your own energy and then orchestrate the energy of others.

Martin Werlen on listening to people from whom we expect nothing

Abbot Martin Werlen invitated us to listen to those from whom we expect nothing (unlikely agents referring to St. Benedict). An attitude of listening enables us to welcome strangers and find insights (benedicted people). That's why he likes Twitter (good laugh; follow him @AbtMartin) and always travels by train or hitchhikes.

Reto Ringger explains why he wants to build a sustainable bank

Between 1935 and 1980 the avarage holding period of a stock was 3-8 years.  Today it's not even a year at the NYSE (Warren Buffett still holds his shares for 7-8 years, by the way). Reto calls for a re-orientation towards long-term perspectives. With the DJ Sustainability Index's overperformance against benchmark MSCI World, Reto could show that sustainability pays in $ - next to that fact they could affect corporations looking to increase shareholder value. His next project is a sustainable bank where clients will not only know about their profit but also about their financial footprint.

Bruno Giussani on the idea of TED
Ideas meet and mate! Ideas are sex! What a start into presentation! According to TED's European Director Bruno Giussani TED is the global platform for ideas to spread - a live show so to say where ideas of all languages, geographical origins, cultures can have intercourse. A fruitful mix indeed, and there's more to come. Self-celebration allowed -  never under-estimate the power of human story-telling! Go TED, go!

That's it for me today, so many great ideas indeed. I need to digest and want to get back to work. Thanks to all sponsors and organizers for this good day! For all of you readers interested in more, go here. For more pictures over here.

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