Website design, you're doing it wrong!

Website design, you're doing it wrong!

"Imitation is the sincerest of flattery."
– Charles C. Colton

Yesterday the tranquil yet bustling Amazee Labs office was hit by a flood of jaw-droppings, shaking heads and incredulous chuckles. For yesterday, our Dania received a message with a link and a friendly imperative to check this out. Which she did. And then her jaw dropped (something it does not easily, under regular circumstances).

She sent around the link, we gathered around one computer, and simultaneously, our jaws dropped, too. If this were an Olympic sport, we would be gold medal contenders. You might ask, why do they do such peculiar things in Switzerland on a Monday afternoon? Well, this is what we saw.

Have your jaws dropped, too? We couldn't quite believe it, and we still can't. Four chaps from Jabalpur, India, living it large on our design. On Mike Kus' design. Is this not cool? Is this cool, because it is so massively daring? Well, it's there, so let's have a closer look at it.

First of all: The logo. Are you serious, guys? Who's your designer? And why is he not locked away? You know you've been nicked there, don't you?

Furthermore, you've removed the German version of the site. Good for you, no need for the extra weight. No Social Media links, however. What a pity, we'd have loved to like you on Facebook!

Speaking of pictures: No offense, but we think you could've really put a bit more work into the team members' pictures. Mike and Michael – who shot the original pictures – did an outstanding job here (and somewhere in the back of my simplistic mind I suspect that it's not even that hard to do), your team page lacks a little, um, love, if I may say so.

The rest is mere details. You need to work on the Google Map on the contact page. Oh, and the Newsletter dropdown, that's the tricky part. If you had called ahead of launching, we could've told you. Maybe our Michael can help you with that.

Another interesting thing about Netrix is that they seem to be closely tied to the Jabalpur Engineering College (who display the agency's not so ravingly pretty logo on their start page). The JEC's vision is "to develop world-class infrastructure and knowledge empowerment mechanism for carving out graduates and post-graduates of high level of competence embedded with wisdom, and dedicated to ethics and values." Oh, well.

So, what do you think we should do? Go to war and kick derrières? Be flattered, according to Charles Colton, and just let them be? Let us know. Anyway, we are on this, and this might be continued.


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