Scrum at AmazeeLabs

In the past the Amazee Tech Team developed mostly for ourself, the platform. Now today with Amazee Labs, most of our code and time goes into customer projects and also with a lot of more people involved.

So we decided to give Scrum a chance. For all people who don't know anything about Scrum, the Wikipedia article is quite good.

Especially in Zurich, you hear the word Scrum a lot today at different meetings and conferences. So we tried it out, in a small project, where we implemented a Flat-Rent Platform (more about that in a few weeks). We decided for a sprint length of two weeks, with three developers, one tester and the Scrum Master.

It worked very well! Here some of our thoughts:

  • The team was very focused and well informed about what the others were doing all the time;
  • Testing of single tasks for non-techies is very hard;
  • User stories should be already defined in the Scrum tool (we used Jira) before the Sprint planning day;
  • The better we define tasks, the less we will have confusion and changes during the development;
  • Definition of "Done" is very hard. Read here a blog post of our friends at, about the definition of "Done";
  • We achieved a focus factor of 50% (not bad for the first sprint).

And as you can see in the burndown chart on top, we didn't manage to finish all tasks and had to hurry in the end. But the good thing was, that we didn't realized this on the last day, but already knew on Oct, 25, that we need to work harder.

In the end we are very happy with the work we have done in the Scrum and with the Scrum method itself. So we will use it more in future for other projects.



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