We’re going to Decoupled Days!

Decoupled Days 2019

Amazee Labs is proud to sponsor Decoupled Days, a conference for architects, developers, and business people involved in implementing decoupled CMS architectures. Since successfully debuting in 2017, its mission of sharing the experiences with both back-end CMS development as a content service and front-end development of non-CMS applications consuming CMS content (especially those in JavaScript) has been a success for everyone who’s chosen to be involved.

See what we’re sharing at this year’s conference:

Wednesday, 17 July

Jamie Hollern will be presenting a session called Storybook and Drupal: Seamless frontend integration for decoupled sites. This session will explain how to use Twig with Storybook and Drupal to bring all the advantages of UI component libraries into a decoupled Drupal project, and how to build a component library for decoupled Drupal sites. 

13:45 pm in Room 2 

Learn how to Decouple your teams using GraphQL with Bryan Gruneberg. In this lighting talk, he will present strategies to decouple your team by putting GraphQL at the centre.

16:30 pm in Room 3 

Pascal Kappeler and Stephanie Lüpold take on Shaping the future of decoupled Drupal: An unusual case study. This session they’ll show how an SME can drive technical innovation at scale, but that it is made possible with the help of a corporate partnership. If you are interested in getting a first-hand account of how two very different companies work together, in order to push technical boundaries, this is the right session for you.

15:45 pm in Room 2 

Join Fran Garcia-Linares who will delve into the question GraphQL V4: what's next? In this session, Fran will outline all the exciting new features that are (or will be) included in the 4th version of GraphQL module for Drupal and the new possibilities they open up for us/for those in the know -- like support for SDL based schemas!

16:00 pm in Room 2 

Thursday, 18 July

John Albin Wilkins will discuss Gatsby and GraphQL Schema Stitching with Drupal, the benefits of a universal GraphQL graph over traditional web services like REST and JSON:API, configuring Gatsby’s gatsby-source-graphql plugin and more. A demo website, including full Git repository, will be provided for attendees to try out.

11:15 am in Room 1 

Decoupled Drupal is the future, but learning an entirely new stack can be daunting. Stew West presents GraphQL and Twig, a beginner’s guide and demo on how to use GraphQL and demonstrate the advantages of changing the Drupal push model to a pull model by letting the template define its data requirements.  

16:15 pm in Room 1

You should also check out these sessions from amazee.io and Michael Schmid

In this session, Michael will demonstrate how Caching decoupled websites is hard, but freaking fast if done right and share his best practices around caching of decouple websites, things that work, things that didn't work and how we are running websites today.

18th Jul at 09:00 am in Room 1

Michael Schmid presents 3 Years Decoupled Website Building and Hosting - Our Learnings. In this session, he shares what we’ve learned as a business so far and what we envision for the future. Attendees will walk away with insights into how decoupled projects can affect everything from hiring and client relationships to profits, processes, maintenance and more. 

18 July at 11:15 am in Room 2

Catch up on a year’s worth of Amazee Labs’ best practices in just two days at Decoupled Days 2019.


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