Welcome to the team, Yves!


Fully equipped with his degree in Art, passion for teaching himself code since the late nineties and professional background and as a person who never loses his calm or humour in stressful situations, he is a perfect fit for his role as product manager. 

After finalising his Art studies, he worked for a number of start-ups, setting up their online presence and organizing their digital communication. He has also acquired a significant amount of experience as a project manager and consultant, having worked in various industries and organizations.

We are very much looking forward to engaging his passion for creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing concepts that make both users and customers happy. Go UX!  

On a more personal note, Yves loves road trip movies and therefore enjoys creating his own adventures. His last trip took him from Zurich to Dakar in an old Volvo.

We are absolutely delighted that you are on board with us on our journey.  Yves Keel