Welcome to the team, Vasileios!

Vasileios studied computer engineering in Patras and now lives in Zürich. During his studies, he joined a student volunteer group that maintained the university’s websites; this was his first contact with Drupal and he was fascinated with how it managed to solve the most common cases with simple site-building, while still being excellent for custom coding. This basic Drupal experience led him to his first job in the private sector. After participating in a Drupal workshop and seminar hosted by eresus, he started working for their company as a junior Drupal developer.

After finishing his main degree, Vasileios returned to Patras where he was offered a job from a local company – SilkTech – to work in-office as a PHP Developer, and as the company’s Drupal guy. Meanwhile, he began attending Drupalcons and meeting people from the Greek community to help with organizing local events.

In early 2018, having wanted to live abroad for most of his life, he decided it was time to take that step. He started searching for the right opportunity and after working for Zehnplus, remotely at first, he finally moved to Zürich in February of this year, where he began speaking with Amazee Labs. 

Analytical and curious by nature, he enjoys learning about the basic principles behind everything he interacts with, and for him, designing systems and developing is a way of expressing those traits productively.

When he’s not near a computer, you might find him playing board games, judging a Magic: the Gathering event, catching some stand-up or enjoying a good rum with friends. And, of course, returning to his Cretan roots for summer vacations to enjoy the sun and his favourite beaches.

He’s looking forward to expanding his knowledge and coding skills in an awesome office environment, as part of the Amazee Labs family. 


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